What is Poynt Card Machine?

A Poynt card machine is a portable card machine that can help businesses to take payments with debit, credit, and all types of payments. It’s called an all-in-one payment solution.

With this machine, you will get two touch screens one for you and another for your customer. Also, it has an analytics dashboard.

This is the best payment solution for...

Taxi drivers


food vendors

and more businesses

what is mobile card machine

Why Choose Poynt Card Machine?

There are many reasons to opt for Poynt smart terminals over the other card machines.But the main reason to choose these terminals is packed with features that are designed to benefit businesses to a great extent

The features and functionalities of the terminals are designed to simplify transactions and help businesses save time and money

Poynt is a smart terminal that can be used for all kinds of businesses. The terminal is equipped with a built-in printer, scanner, and contactless reader and also supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.

get payment from anywhere or anylocation with portable card machine
Get payment from anywhere

The best features is you can get payment from anywhere anytime from your customer.

customer spend more with mobile payment terminal
Customer to spend more

It’s a easiest take payment solution so customer can easily buy with this payment terminal

low cost
Low cost

This payment terminal is low-cost from countertop, portable, and other card machines.


How does the Poynt 5 work?

The Poynt 5 was created for easy customization to your working business environment You can sync the Pyont 5 to your POS system, keeping everything on track. It allows flexibility to any user and is efficient and secure. It is a handheld card machine that uses 3G or WIFI to automatically connect to the strongest mobile phone network available to process transactions. As long as you have network coverage, you can take payments.

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10 Features of a Poynt Smart Credit Card Machine

1.Contactless payments

2.Chip and PIN payments

3.Apple Pay and Android Pay support

4.Built-in receipt printer

5.Integrated barcode scanner

6.Ability to connect to external devices

7.Cloud-based reporting and analytics

8.Flexible pricing plans

9.24/7 customer support

10.Free software updates

benefits of mobile card machine
best features of mobile card machine

Benefits of Using a Poynt Rage card machine.

There are many benefits of using a Poynt card payment machine, including:

1. Increased sales: it’s can help increase sales by allowing customers to pay by card, which is the preferred payment method for many people.

2. Reduced costs: reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper receipts and reducing the amount of time needed to process payments.

3. Increased efficiency: this can help increase efficiency by streamlining the payment process and reducing the chance of errors.

4. Enhanced security: A card payment machine can help enhance security by reducing the risk of fraud and protecting customer data.

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Poynt Smart Terminal Increase Sales 5x.

Poynt terminal is helping businesses increase sales by up to 5x. The sleek, all-in-one device allows businesses to take payments, track inventory, and manage customers—all from one place. The Poynt terminal is also EMV-compliant, so businesses can accept chip cards and contactless payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Poynt is the perfect solution for businesses that want to streamline their operations and take their sales to the next level. The terminal is available for purchase now, and businesses can start using it right away.

5 business must need to use mobile payment terminal

Accept Any Payment Method Anywheres

There are many card machines for getting payment from customers, with a countertop you can get payment from a specific till on your business with the portable machine you will get payment from any place in your shop with wifi connection, with a mobile card machine you will get payment from anywhere anyplace in your business outside of business with the Network connection.

But with the Poynt card machine, you will get all of this service in one payment terminal and the best thing is it’s totally secured and cheapest price.

Small and medium business owners can easily afford this terminal and run their businesses.

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