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Payments via Email

A simple and secure process. Taking card payments by email is as simple as sending a link from your secure terminal. All your customers need to do is click the link and enter their details, it really is as quick and easy as that.

Payments via Phone

Taking card payments over the phone makes for an easy process. We will set you up with a secure virtual terminal so you can use any online device to enter payment.

Payments via Shopping Carts

Accepting payments through shopping carts is a great way to attract more customers and make the process easy for them. It also allows you to accept orders 24/7! Your customers will be taken to a secure web page that can be customised to keep in line with the theme of the rest of your site, where they can make payment.


Save 24 hours per week on accounting

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  • Easy transfers

  • Deposit checks instantly

  • A powerful open API

  • Coverage around the world

  • Business without borders

  • Affiliates and partnerships

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