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Portable card machine for small Businesses: take payments with wireless it’s easy to move and secure, paymentsave configure your card machine with £0 setup fees.

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What is Portable Card Machine?

Portable Card Machines are your on-the-go companions for easy, hassle-free payments. These compact and user-friendly devices empower businesses to accept card payments wherever they venture. Say goodbye to the limitations of fixed point-of-sale systems as these machines provide flexibility with wireless connectivity and sleek designs. In essence, Portable Card Machines transform any location into a potential point of sale, allowing businesses of all sizes to serve customers seamlessly. Embrace the freedom of mobility and make card payments a breeze with Portable Card Machines – your key to unlocking a world of convenient transactions.

All Payment cards accepted

With a countertop card machine your business takes payment from any cards without any problems and it’s so faster to get payment.

Portable card machine features


With this credit card machine, you can get payment from your customer via Bluetooth or your premise wifi

Fastest Payment

It’s the fastest payment solution for every business and is also secured.

100% Customer satisfaction

Customers can pay the bill from their sit table, it saves their time no waiting to pay bills.

Why use portable card machine?

A portable card machine is a credit card reader that can be used anywhere. This is ideal for businesses that do not have a physical location or for companies that travel to different locations. it allows businesses to accept credit cards without having to worry about the infrastructure required to process the transactions. Here is the best reason why you need this portable card machine most?

Why use portable card machine?​
Does your business need portable card Machine

Does your business need portable card Machine ?

Absolutely! A portable card machine can be a game-changer for your business. It allows you to accept payments from customers anywhere, making transactions convenient and efficient. With the increasing trend of card payments, having a portable card machine ensures you’re ready to cater to your customers’ preferences. It’s a modern solution that can enhance your business operations and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of portable card machine

Experience the power of Portable Card Payment Machines with these five key benefits:

On-the-Go Flexibility: Accept payments anywhere, from trade shows to customer locations, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Streamline payments for quick and smooth transactions, reducing queues and boosting customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales Opportunities: Expand your customer base by embracing card payments, breaking free from cash-only limitations.

Real-Time Transaction Processing: Authorize payments swiftly with wireless connectivity, providing instant confirmations for a seamless experience.

Improved Accuracy and Security: Ensure secure and accurate payment processing, minimizing errors and safeguarding sensitive information. Elevate your business transactions with ease!

Businesses that must have portable card machines

Businesses that must have portable card machines

  • Mobile Vendors

    Street food stalls, food trucks, and mobile vendors can enhance customer experience by accepting card payments on the go.

  • Event Organizers

    Whether you organize pop-up events, markets, or festivals, Portable Card Machines ensure secure and efficient transactions without the need for a fixed point of sale.

  • Service Providers

    Professionals like plumbers, electricians, or freelance consultants can easily collect payments at clients' locations, enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Small Retailers

    Local businesses and boutique shops can increase sales opportunities by offering card payment options, even without a permanent point of sale.

  • Trade Show Exhibitors

    Businesses participating in trade shows can streamline transactions and attract more customers by accepting card payments on-site.

How much does a portable card machine cost?

The cost of a portable card machine depends on your transaction volume and the number of card readers you use. Paymentsave can assist you in setting up the machine for your business with no setup fees, and the entire configuration process takes just three days. For specific cost information on using a portable card machine, please reach out to us. Provide some details about your business, and our expert team will guide you on your requirements and associated costs.

How much does a portable card machine cost?​

How to Get a Portable Card Machine in Your Business

Getting a Portable Card Machine for your business is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps to bring the convenience of card payments to your doorstep:

Get your free quote

Connect with us and talk with our consultent team and give us details about your business and it's free to consultant. .

Get Setup in 3 days

Within 3 days our expert team setup your countertop machine and there is zero erros with 100% security.

Fast Payment & Simple Reports

Our team transfer payment to your bank next working days and also gives you simple reports about your business sales, it's helps you to manage your shop better.

We work with over 10,000+ Businesses in UK

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Review from our happy client

We are using payment save for over two years. They are excellent in service and rates. We are very happy overall.

Neil and Paymentsave is outstading The service have got from the Company and the Manager beyond expectation my all 5 busineeses are Now with Neil and Paymentsave, I am šo happy Worth recommending

Maris Maculevics Business Owner

I always got mad with card machines and there is always something hidden inside the deal. But the paymentsave is very transparent. Also their prices are reasonable and i must say their customer service is class one, top rated, 5 star. I must give a huge thank you to kazi for setup the wonderful card Machine!

jekan v Business Owner

One of my friend recommended me to use paymentsave card machine and introduced with Kazi. I can’t believe kazi came all the way from London to Bedford. Now I’m paying wayyyy tooo cheaper than my previous one. Unbelievable!! Feel so relax and satisfied. Thank you!

Akram Sultan Business owner

I had Handy Pay and I moved to Paymentsave. My experience is great. Monir introduced me Paymentsave and he shows every month good savings which reflects last couple of month. I am happy and recommend Monir. Very easy to use because it's have GPRS connection.

Gu Food Ltd Business owner

I started with one machine earlier last year and now I’ve three terminals in my all businesses and many more going to be added soon. Tremendous customer service and thank you Kazi for being helpful at all the time without fail.

Pirabakaran Pirakalathan Business owner

In this market it is hard to get a good payment solution who is transparent along with better price. Payment save is definitely that company. Also the service we receive from dev is just amazing and top noch. Always a call away. really great service.

Mouhanad A Business owner

Ive recommended family and friends and all of them using it with full satisfaction, same as I feel safe and secure. I highly recommend kazi for his advice & good service

Yogi Supermarket Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

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Immediate Assistance

Our support team is available round the clock, ensuring prompt responses to any inquiries or issues your business may encounter.

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Receive expert guidance and solutions tailored to your business needs, whether it's technical assistance, account management, or troubleshooting.

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How much does a portable card machine cost?

Actually, the portable card machine cost depends on your per transection and how many card readers you are using. contact us and give us your business information our team can help you and inform all required information.

What types of payment can I accept with a portable card machine?

Through portable card machine you can accpets all types of payment.

How to use a Portable card machine?

It’s so easy to use, just follow this three steps to take payment with wireless card machine.
Step 1: Power on & Connect with wifi.
Step 2: Login to your business account
Step 1: Start taking payments.

What kinds of businesses do you work with?

Paymentsave work with small, medium & big size of business and providing the best quality service in UK.

Why Choose Our Services In Your Business?

We have many years of experience and expert team who can solve and setup your business with 100% client satisfiction.

How To Get Start With Us?

Just Call us or Get a Free quote with us and tell about your business ( Only takes 3 days to setup )

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