What is Portable Card Machine?

A portable/ wireless credit card machine is a solution for taking payments from customers. It’s easy to move and a secure machine.

It helps customer to pay their bills on their table, with no need to go main till point to settle the bill.

this wireless card machine saves the customer time and customer satisfaction is the first priority for every business.

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All Payment cards accepted

Accept chip & PIN, contactless and mobile payments with all major UK card schemes


Why Choose Portable Card Machine for Businesses

wirless tools

With this credit card machine, you can get payment from your customer via Bluetooth or your premise wifi

fast & relaible
Fastest Payment

It’s the fastest payment solution for every business and is also secured.

client satisfiction
100% Customer satisfaction

Customers can pay the bill from their sit table, it saves their time no waiting to pay bills.

why use portable card machine

Why Use Portable Card Machine?

A portable card machine is a credit card reader that can be used anywhere. This is ideal for businesses that do not have a physical location or for companies that travel to different locations. it allows businesses to accept credit cards without having to worry about the infrastructure required to process the transactions.

Here is the best reason why you need this portable card machine most?

Wireless Connection

More way to pay

Contactless payment

Faster procession speeds

Long battery Life

Tips, Deposits, Gratuities

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Does My Small Business Need Portable Card Machine Service?

Since 2016 using card payments for a business increased by 14%, so if you running a business then you must need a credit card machine.

There are many card machines that can help you to take payments from customers.

Now the question is does your business need a Portable card machine?

Our answer is yes your businesses need portable/wireless payment solutions to get payments from customers on their table it’s fast & reliable.

In the UK most people pay the bill through their credit/debit cards so it’s better than cash on payment.

a portable card machine service can provide you with a way to accept credit and debit cards without having to install a point of sale system in your business. This can save you a significant amount of money, as you won’t have to purchase and install a new POS system

doesy any business need portable card machine service

How does the handset charge?

It’s simple. When you have finished using the handset, place it back onto the charging base unit, ready for when you next need it. You just need to ensure the base it plugged in to a power socket.

8 benefits of portable card machine

8 Benefits of Using Portable Card Machine in your businesses

1. Extremely convenient:

as they can be used anywhere that has an electrical outlet.

2. They are speedy & secure

so customers do not have to wait long to have their transactions processed.they use the latest encryption technology to protect customers' information.

3. They are versatile

They can be used for a variety of different transactions, such as credit card payments, debit card payments, and even checks.

4. They are affordable

Portable card machine prices are not too high and also the setup cost is zero, so businesses of all sizes can purchase them.

5. All types of Business

Portable card machines can be used by businesses of all types, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.

6. Set up and use

They are easy to set up and use so businesses can get started using them right away.

7. Great way to accept credit cards

Portable card machines can be used by businesses of all types, such as retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and more.

8. They are Giving Accurate Sales Reports

Every business needs accurate data for sales, it’s the most important part of business and they can give you a full sales report and data on how many transactions daily you are doing.

5 Business Must Need Portable Card Machine in 2022.

In 2022 every business needs a wireless credit card machine for taking payments from customer, we know there are many types of card machine available for business.

The portable is one of them. Every business can use this machine but these are the 5 Businesses that must need the Portable/wireless card machine in 2022.

1. Restaurants

We know In UK most the people love to going restaurant. if you provide the best service it helps to increase your sales, On the restaurants there are many serials in the hotel when paying bills so it’s really hustling for customers, Here is the solution wireless card machine can help you to get payment from them on their table and also save their valuable time & hustle.

2. 2. Cafes

People love to drink coffee if your customer comes to your coffee shop to spend some free time, now if they have to wait to pay bills, then it will not be good for your business at all. Here you need a portable card machine, through which your customers can pay from anywhere in your cafes without having to wait for them to pay the bill.

3/4. Hairdressers & beauty salons

Customers are our business guests so you have to provide them the best service and this is the first duty for every business owner. You know many people come to hairdressers and beauty salons at the same time so if they wait to pay the bill in your store, it is not a good service for them,

So you have to go to each of them where they are sitting and pay easily through the portable card machine

5. Bars

If you do bar business then a portable card machine is indispensable for you. Because there is a lot of crowd at the bar where you will have trouble taking your payment unless you have a wireless payment solution because with this machine you can easily take payment from your customer from anywhere in your bar.

And this machine is able to give you accurate sales report.

5 business must need portable card machine service for their small and medium size business
how much does cost of portable machine cost

How much does a portable card machine cost?

Actually, the portable card machine cost depends on your per transection and how many card readers you are using.

Paymentsave can help you to set up the machine on your business with 0 setup fees and it takes only 3 days to full configuration.

Please contact us for a specific amount of cost for using a portable card machine. Give us some information about your business, our expert team helps you with what you need and the cost also.

What types of payments can I accept?

You will be able to allow all major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard, Maestro and American Express. You will also be able to accept contactless, Apple and Android payments too.

Connect your Portable Card Machine is as easy as 1, 2 , 3

This is our 1,2,3 Steps to get your credit card machine on your small business.


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Get Setup in 3 days

Within 3 days our expert team setup your countertop machine and there is zero erros with 100% security.


Fast Payment & Simple Reports

Our team transfer payment to your bank next working days and also gives you simple reports about your business sales, it's helps you to manage your shop better.

What makes PaymentSave different

One To One Solution

If you faching any problem to setup or run our one specialist come to your business and solve the problems.


Dedicated Manager

If you have any question need any support you will get a dedicated manager for solving your problems.


Faster Payments

We know faster payment is best for any business and we are here for you to give fastest payment.


No Hidden Costs

We don’t have any hidden cost, it helps our customer.

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