What is a cashless society

What is a cashless society? Advantages and Disadvantages of a cashless society

A cashless society means an economic system where transactions are operative digitally. Cashless usually refers to complete payments without the help of physical currency. Apart from that you have many options for payment procedures. The payment discussed before the cashless society relates to credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, or mobile phones. You can try to transfer money by PayPal or Apple Pay. On the contrary, You have no problems with traffic jams and may get free time to work.

Different types of cashless payment ways are-

  • credit or debit cards.
  • online banking.
  • mobile phones
  • mobile apps.
  • visa cards and PayPal.

A cashless society means the societies that belong to payment through digital systems. Various countries follow distinct rules for cashless payment.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is moving towards cashless payments, using contactless cards and mobile apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Online banking is growing, and ATM usage is decreasing, showing the trend towards digital transactions


Sweden has progressed towards a cashless society significantly. It shows the adoption of mobile payment apps like Swish. It has few activities on ATMs and bank accounts.

United States:

The United States encompasses digital payments by  Google Pay and transit systems.


China uses the Alipay and WeChat pay-for-payment systems in daily life.


India has tremendous growth in mobile penetration and payments via UPI the merchant device. 

How does cashless transaction processing work?

Here are the conditions of cashless payments. Introduce how a cashless society can work  and be involved in a digital system below:

Initiate: Firstly, you need a device for the consumer for the transaction process. It may be a phone or mobile wallet app.  Then, on the other side, a device is used to receive payments.

Authorization request: The consumer device sends the banks to transfer the funds for each transaction to the merchant account. The entire process takes place within 1-3 days. The bank adds the amount to the holder’s account and updates the payment status.

Credit cards make it easy for digital payment systems. Such as-

  • Increase sales volume
  • Improve funds cash flow
  • Safe and  effective transaction
  • Competitive advancement
  • Lower cost
  • Risk assessment

Advantages of Cashless society:

There are several advantages associated with a cashless society:

Fast Transaction

A cashless transaction is a great online payment way. Digital payments are grower and more convenient than dealing with cash. Cashless ensures the correct accountant by the mobile or online apps.


A cashless society reduces the money of transport or time when dealing with cash. A cashless society may feel comfortable through the payment system.


Criminals find it harder to steal money because of the digital system. It reduces the harassment of people by criminals. They can feel safe through the online transaction.


Cashless maintains environmental factors like wasting paper, pens, and metal for physical currency. It may pollute the surroundings around us.


During the contagious disease, cashless is necessary for regulating the safety of all people. It prevents the upcoming disease that hampers health significantly.

Disadvantages of a cashless society :

Troubling of rural:

The transaction process is sometimes horrible with rural people. Because of lacking knowledge, anyone may face more problems than urban ones.


Digital transactions are susceptible to hacking, fraud, and cyber attacks related to financial data. Anyone can lose personal information by missing the cards. It is tough to find the data if the hacker has already hacked your information. Online payment may involve transaction fees for the consumer and merchants.

Personal risks: 

Due to hacked information, cashless payment hampers you to steal your account information. It affects an uneducated person very dangerously.

Technology coordination

Cashless payment uses various technology devices such as machines, phones, sensors, and operating systems. so it relies on advanced technology because cashless has no value.

However, when we talk about cashless, no country has so backdated to become 100% cashless. Sweden’s economy expects to become fully digital. About 98% of citizens have their credit cards for the payment procedure. But a few older people still use the cash for a small payment. A cashless society advances services like biometrics and can identify fraud with initial steps. The world changes towards technology day by day. Digital payment makes life easy and fruitful. It turns on how to survive in the modern world.

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