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Card Machine for Businesses UK

Save up to 40% on each transaction!

Card Machine for Businesses UK

Save up to 40% on each transaction!

Why choose our card machine?

Affordable Pricing

Flexible monthly rental

User-Friendly Design

Reliable Performance

Flexible and Portable

Seamless Integration

How to get card machine from us?


Provide business details.


Our team assesses your application.


Receive and accept card machine offer terms.

Received & start transacting

Start take payments.

Review from our happy client

We are using payment save for over two years. They are excellent in service and rates. We are very happy overall.

Trustscore 4.9 | 214 Reviews

Maris Maculevics

Neil and Paymentsave is outstading

Neil and Paymentsave is outstading
The service have got from the Company and the Manager beyond expectation my all 5 businesses are Now with Neil and Paymentsave, I am šo happy
Worth recommending. Read more



Since I started using paymentsave I…

Since I started using paymentsave I found my business card payment so much safe. Never had any issue. You must try. Thank you kazi. Read more..


Mr Mehmet Ordu

Excellent card terminals

Excellent card terminals, 7 days payments, no print receipt WOW👍, what I need more. Saving money on top. Thank you@ Mr Milton giving me opportunity to use Paymentsave & your services. Read more..



I feel like My Elect tronex shop is...

I feel like My Elect tronex shop is incomplete without this card machine. I used to suffer pretty much every day with my previous card machine. But since started using paymentsave resolve all issues. Super fast terminal, faster payment 7 days a week. Many more coming for you kazi. Read more



I have a small shop in Fulham and I am…

I have a small shop in Fulham and I am getting a card machine from Dev. He always comes and looks after me and any issues he deals with it. A very good company and Dev is very helpful and friendly. I am really happy with the service. Read more..


ekan v

Top class card machine

I always got mad with card machines and there is always something hidden inside the deal. But the paymentsave is very transparent. Also their prices are reasonable and i must say their customer service is class one, top rated, 5 star. I must give a huge thank you to kazi for setup the wonderful card Machine! Read more..



Reliable service

This is the pdq card machine company that is responsible and reliable. Zit came to me just after the covid with the rate that was very reasonable and no auth fees at all he helped me with PCI compliance that I am not paying anything extra which I used to pay crazy amount of money with that crazy company. I am really happy with their service. Read more


Gu Food Ltd

Great Savings! Wow service

I had Handy Pay and I moved to Paymentsave. My experience is great. Monir introduced me Paymentsave and he shows every month good savings which reflects last couple of month. I am happy and recommend Monir.

Very easy to use because it’s have GPRS connection. Read more..


Scott Eggert

Trust worth

I completely forgot to renew the PCI but Kazi reminded me the due date to do the PCI complaince after one year and he save me from paying extra. i have no words for to explain their customer service. since last year I have not had any issues with price, machines or the service. Top service. Read more..

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